Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Where do you go when you or someone you know has been seriously injured or even killed? How do you make someone responsible for their actions when those actions have had devastating effects on you or someone you love?

The law states that when a person is negligent and that negligence causes another person to be injured, the person so injured has a right to recover money damages to compensate for injuries suffered. Quite often, the issue in a lawsuit is not whether there was negligence, but how much money will it take to compensate for the injuries suffered.

Personal injury and wrongful death cases also often require expert testimony from accountants and actuaries to help a jury determine the amount of damages to award. These cases also require the testimony of doctors and/or surgeons to establish the nature and extent of the injury. Because of the high cost of litigating these types of cases, many clients choose a “contingent fee” structure which allows the attorney to be paid a percentage of the recovery after first deducting the costs of litigation from the amount awarded.

When you or someone you love is injured, please contact an attorney immediately. Photographs of the scene of the injury are critical, and waiting several days to contact an attorney might mean that no photographs of the accident or scene of the accident are ever taken. In addition, it is critical to obtain the names and addresses of anyone who was a witness to the accident or incident which caused the injury. C. Michael Villar conducts home or hospital visits and has private investigators who will immediately begin an investigation of the accident or incident.

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