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Divorce is running rampant in our society. Every divorce leaves a trail of scarred and damaged adults and, unfortunately, many leave a swath of scarred and damaged children. Undoubtedly, a divorce is one of the most stressful things that can happen to a person. Recent literature suggests that getting a divorce is only slightly less stressful than having a spouse die.

In Michigan, divorce is “no-fault.” That means that a person simply has to get in front of a judge and inform the judge that there has been a breakdown in the marriage relationship and that there remains no hope that the marriage can be preserved and a divorce is granted! However, a trial court in Michigan can look at the relative fault of the parties in the breakup of a marriage when deciding issues of property settlement and child custody/visitation.

C. Michael Villar employs various private investigators in his family law practice, making sure that if your spouse is having an affair, it will be found out. Mr. Villar is also very aggressive in asserting your rights as a parent so that you will receive the custody and visitation time that is in the best interests of your child.

In addition to fighting hard for your rights, Villar Law Offices has developed relationships with both secular and Christian counsellors to help with the grief, anger, depression, and sense of loss associated with divorce.

Villar Law Offices also practices in the Family Law areas of custody disputes, visitation disputes, establishing paternity, and Family Independence Agency claims of abuse and neglect.

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